Concept and nature of love in Islam

Concept and nature of love in Islam
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What is love? Is there any feeling for a person of the opposite sex love? Longing for him or her, bright dreams, wish for good - is all this love? Or maybe love is more than just a feeling? How do you know this is love?

For centuries, historians and writers, musicians and artists, psychologists and physiologists have tried to explain love or find the keys to this multifaceted human condition.

Love in the most complete and highest sense of the word is considered one of the most incomprehensible mysteries in the universe. How and where does it come from? So that? Where and why does it disappear? How is she alive when lovers are apart for a long time?

We can find answers to these and other questions related to the sacrament of true love in Islam. Much attention is paid to love, sympathy, and relationships between men and women in the religion of monotheism.

It is impossible to create a religiously good family without love, it is impossible to raise good children without love, it is impossible to relate well without love!

The concept of "love" was established by the Almighty in the first man Adam (PBUH) and his wife Hawa (Eve). Allah created a man, the ancestor of mankind, Adam (PBUH), and created him a wife from his own flesh. And the Creator gave them love so that in their union they would find comfort and rest, peace and tranquility. The establishment of love, affection, and grace between spouses is a sign from the Creator.

From them, later, this wonderful feeling, love, was inherited by all humanity. And since then, people seek love, fall in love, find it, get used to it, suffer and learn to forget it if it is not reciprocated.

It is a tradition for prophets to marry, and love strengthened their marriages. The eternal discourse of the Almighty - the Holy Quran - tells us about the origins and birth of human love between a man and a woman (that is): "From the signs of Allah - that He created wives for you from yourself, for may you find comfort in them, and established there is a bond of love and mercy between you. Truly, this is a clear sign for those who meditate "(21 verses of Surah Ar-Rum).

The word "love" is often found in religious texts, but mostly they speak of love for the Almighty, His Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), other prophets, the righteous, the saints and the love between believers.

The wonderful story of Zuleikha's love for the prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) is also mentioned in the Holy Quran. The Almighty on the trials of the prophet Yusuf (PBUH) showed us how to resist temptation and maintain purity and chastity. And in the example of Zuleikha he showed how strong the feeling of love can sometimes be. There are also many episodes about the love between a man and a woman in Islamic religious texts.

Oriental love

The theme of love is widely covered in oriental poetry. Layli and Majnun can be considered some of the prototypes of Romeo and Juliet. This is a tragic love story popular in the Near and Middle East.

“Gais ibn al-Mulawwah ibn Muzahim, a young Bedouin poet from the Banu Amir tribe, fell in love with a girl from the same tribe named Leila al-Amiriyya. He composed poems and songs, where he sang his love for Leila. When Gais asked Leila's father to marry his daughter to him, he refused, because it was contrary to the orders of the tribal system.

Love in Islam

So Gais left his tribe and started wandering in the desert. Gais's relatives tried to persuade him to return, but having achieved nothing, they decided to leave him food in the middle of the desert. He was sometimes seen reading poetry about Leila to himself or writing in the sand with a cane.

Leila moved to Iraq, where she soon fell ill and died. A few years later, Gais was also found dead, lying near the grave of an unknown woman. On the tombstone, he wrote his last three stanzas.

People knew that Gais had gone mad with love, so they called him "Majnun Leila", "Mad Leyla", or simply Majnun.

Modern understanding of love

The problem is that in modern society, the concept of love often refers only to sexual attraction and sexual relations without any responsibility. True love loses its purity, sacred meaning, and innocence when its needs are practiced outside of marriage. The modern propaganda of debauchery and the dirty manifestations of a non-traditional subculture cannot in any way be attributed to a pure feeling of love.

The negative consequences of not understanding love are also plentiful. Basically, in the environment of youth, "unique pastimes" are considered love, and sins as terrible as adultery and adultery are "conflicts of normal life." Some, having tasted too much "love", find that people call them walkers, prostitutes, and other similar words. Many takes into account: the murder of unborn children (abortion), illegitimate children. Misunderstood love and so-called unrequited love often lead to suicide. They try to drown disappointment in love in alcohol, but at the same time the human appearance loses its beauty and spirituality becomes superficial.

How to pass a love exam?

It is impossible to make the heart fall in love or prevent it from falling in love. The Almighty gives pure and sincere love to a person. This is the strongest test, a difficult life test, but it must be passed only with excellent grades. But how to do it? This question is not rhetorical at all, everything is simple, like everything brilliant. In Islam, perfect instructions are given for lovers: there is no better action for loving hearts than marriage. If someone falls in love, let him go and woo her. And if love is not mutual, there is no better medicine than patience. After all, Allah will definitely reward patience. The Qur'an says: “O believers! Seek help with patience and prayer. In fact, Allah is with the patient (favors the one who is patient and firm in spirit) "(verse 153 of surah" al-Bakara ").

And for girls, a good example is what the mother of faithful Khadijah (may Allaah be pleased with her) did. When she, realizing the greatness and nobility of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), fell in love with him, she sent her maid to inform him that she wanted to marry him.

How to keep love?

Love will come unexpectedly

When you don't expect it at all ...

And we can continue the poet's words like this:

May God grant him mercy and may we be happy in marriage ...

But love can disappear as quickly as if it did not exist; as people say, from love to hate, one step. Sometimes people who pledged their love to the grave with passion before the wedding are disappointed, divorced, and then become ... sworn enemies.

For many, happiness is love, and that is why, in the end, they want to reveal the most important secret of love: how to keep love and preserve family happiness. And this secret is contained in the Qur'an: "... If you are grateful, I will give you even more ..." (Surah "Ibrahim", ayat 7).

Thank Allah for the love, appreciate the love and say to your spouse’s more often: "I love you!" Being grateful to the Almighty for the love given by Him means expressing this gratitude in words and in your heart, protecting yourself and your heart from sins and betrayals, avoiding everything that brings you closer to sin. By showing gratitude in this way, you can preserve and increase love in hearts, mutual understanding between loving spouses, and be happy.

Love and be happy, and may Allah save us from adultery and adultery!

The Quran is a unique scripture that represents a complete system for human life. It contains voluminous information, from creed to legal aspects, historical data, scientific phenomena, rules for conducting domestic, social and work affairs, giving the Muslim a practical guide on how he should live his life according to the laws. of the Highest.

All these themes are woven into a single verbal splendor, touching the depths of the soul and touching both the mind and the heart of the reader. But to get a clearer and more complete picture of what he has read, a person must "include" his feelings in the study of the Qur'an.

Love is one of the main themes of the Quran, even though it is presented in a sophisticated way, both linguistically and intellectually.

According to the dictionary, love is:

  1. Deep emotional attraction, strong heart feeling.
  2. A feeling of deep affection, selfless and sincere affection.
  3. Constant, strong inclination, passion for something.

In Arabic, the verb "to love" has more meaning than emotional closeness, as presented above, since Arabic is very rich and complex. Also, the deep nuances of love can be expressed very eloquently without using the word "love" itself.

Expressing love and your commitment (mercy, compassion, caring, respect, self-sacrifice, humility and forgiveness) is an excellent way to show love in Arabic, in the true language of the Quran.

There are many suras in the Qur'an with the manifestation of the Almighty's love for His creations and the believer's love for Allah. In Islam, faith is expressed in practice, it is not just spiritual. It is reflected in actions, in words, in worship. Therefore, in the Qur'an, when the concept of faith is mentioned, it is always intertwined with the words "do good."

Similarly, when the love of Allah is mentioned, it is associated with the gifts that this love brings to the believer, as well as the practical embodiment of the believer's love for the Almighty, bringing them closer to the Creator.

The Quran's attitude towards human nature is very balanced: it recognizes that his emotions can be positive and negative, and a person cannot be perfect, weaknesses are inherent in him. Consequently, the Qur'an organizes feelings and disciplines behavior, while treating the reader with astonishing tenderness, wonder, and gentleness.

Some of the most beautiful suras in the Qur'an that can be recited as a prayer are those that were uttered by the prophets when they called the Almighty, and those that the Almighty said, promising his blessings to the believers of both worlds and even to those who committed sins, promising them sorry. and unlimited mercy, if they repent and return to the true path.

When a Muslim meets the Lord in prayer, he reflects boundless love through the humility and obedience of a loving and honorable creature to His Supreme Creator. Namaz is an opportunity to "speak" directly to the Almighty five times a day, reciting words from the Qur'an. And this applies to all forms of worship in Islam, both compulsory and voluntary. The reward of the Almighty for the sincerity of feelings and actions is described in the Qur'an and is experienced daily by millions of believers. Do you need anything else to show great love for each other?

Worship in Islam is all-encompassing. Submission to the Supreme is revealed through our daily behavior towards others. Living righteously strengthens our relationship with Hashem. The Quran says in several verses about the Almighty's love for the righteous:

Make donations in the manner of Allah and do not condemn yourself to death. And do good, because Allah loves those who do good (2: 195).

In fact, Allah loves those who do good (3: 134).

After all, Allah loves those who do good (3: 148).

Allah loves those who do good (5:13).

Allah loves those who repent and He loves those who purify themselves (2: 222).

Allah loves those who purify themselves (9: 108).

Allah loves those who fear God (3:76).

Allah loves those who fear God (9: 4).

Allah loves those who fear God (9: 7).

Allah loves the patient (3: 146).

Allah loves those who trust (3: 159).

Allah loves the impartial (5:42).

Allah loves the impartial (49: 9).

Allah loves the impartial (60: 8).

Allah loves those who fight His way in ranks as if they were a solid edifice (61: 4).

The names and qualities of Allah mentioned in the Qur'an summarize the virtues that enable one to achieve His love. The relationship between the sincere believer and the Almighty throughout the Qur'an has been characterized as a bond of love.

Since Allah is the perfection of those qualities that we must strive for, the more we possess them, the closer we get to Him. The more merciful we are, the greater our ability to receive His mercy. The same occurs with love.

According to Islam, faith is the main source of everything that concerns a person's relationship with the Creator. The source of love is also faith, which strengthens faith, which increases love, and so on in a vicious circle.

-Sayda hayat

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It is impossible to imagine our life without love. Love is an integral part of each being, given to us by the Creator. This is the greatest force that overcomes all difficulties and adversities on its way. Love elevates the soul to incredible heights, perfecting it and bringing it closer to eternity ...

Unfortunately, in our modern society, not everyone is capable of love. Love is limited by suffering, unrequited or forbidden feelings, and in every possible way they defame and desecrate this brilliant feeling. But in reality, true love works wonders ...

Love: multiplies everything beautiful in two and the negative, divides it in half.

For me, love is an unattainable feeling that cannot be understood ... Love for the Creator, in my opinion, is true love. If there is even a hint of this divine feeling in our hearts, then we will be able to love everything that surrounds us, because all this is the creation of the Creator.

Final Messenger Prophet of Allah Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

When a person falls in love with another with sincere and divine love for the cause of the Almighty and only, then he will feel the sweetness of faith.

Hadith of Anas,

s t. hadith al-Bukhaari, Muslim and at-Tirmidhi

Love is a great feeling through which a person acquires happiness. Love is one of the inherent feelings in a person, such as joy, sadness, anger, and others. Thanks to love, a person acquires happiness, his life, his soul is filled with joy. Love has different shades. What are they, how is Islam related to love?

Love for Allah and His Messenger

The Almighty says this about the love between husbands (meaning): “From the signs of His mercy, He created wives of the same human race for you (men) so that you could find peace in them, and established the bonds of love (mawadda) between you and compassion (rahma)” (surah ar-Rum, ayat 21). Ar-Razi distinguishes between love and compassion: for example, a person loves his son, but when he sees his enemy in a deadly position, he takes it away to save the person. He doesn't do it out of love, but out of compassion. Therefore, when the spouses grow old (and the passion fades), the marriage is maintained through compassion (rahma) (from Miftahu al-qayb, 7/171).

Love for the brothers in the faith

Prophet (S.A.W) loved his Companions. In the above hadeeth of Amr (may Allaah be pleased with him), where it was said that the Prophet (S.A.W) loves Aisha (may Allaah be pleased with her), then Amr (may Allaah be pleased with him) asks: "And who Men's?" The Prophet (S.A.W) replied, "His father (Abu Bakr)."

The Prophet (S.A.W) said about Abu Bakr: “If I had to choose my closest friend among the people, I would definitely choose Abu Bakr” (Al-Bukhari, Muslim). Friendship is the highest manifestation of love. The hadeeth of Amr (may Allaah be pleased with him) indicates that the Prophet (S.A.W) loved Abu Bakr more than the others.

Narrated from Mu'az ibn Jabal: "Once the Prophet (S.A.W) took my hand and said:" O Mu'az, I swear by Allah, I love you. "I replied:" May my parents be a ransom for you, for Allah! I love you too! "- O Muaz, I bequeath you: do not stop saying these words after each farz prayer:" Allahumma ainni ala zikrik wa shukrika wa husni ibadatika ", that is," O Allah, help me to remember you, praise You and worship well! "”” (Abu Davud, an-Nissai).

Only Islam so strongly encourages fellow believers to love. Numerous hadiths speak of the signs of love that bind brotherly ties. The Messenger of Allah said: "If you love your brother, tell him so" (Abu Dawood, at-Tirmidhi).

Prophet (S.A.W) said: "The strongest support of faith is to love and hate for the sake of Allah" (at-Tabrani).

The Prophet (S.A.W) said: “Three people feel the sweetness of faith: loving Allah and His Messenger more than anything else, loving another only for the sake of Allah and not wanting to return to disbelief after Allah saved him from him, as he did not. he wants to be thrown into the fire” (al-Bukhari and Muslim).

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