To love or be loved - which is better?

To love or be loved - which is better?

Almost everyone faces the question of choosing the right partner at a certain stage of life, whether they are young dreamy girls who have read love novels, or mature people with a baggage of past failures and disappointments.

With all the variety of opportunities to meet your soul mate - from matrimony sites and the help of friends to the services of marriage media - it is not easy to make the right choice. Especially when the girlfriends are completely delighted with the new passion, and the mother insistently whispers at every opportunity: "Don't let him go, there won't be such a chance anymore!" It also happens that in the heat of passion, we cling to our chosen one, trying to quickly drag him to the registry office, not really thinking about what kind of person he is and what kind of family life with him will turn out to be in the future.

Tolerate - to fall in love, says folk wisdom. But if this recipe was quite suitable for our great-grandmothers, then today few people tie the knot without that "big and pure" love. Even if only one loves in a couple ...

What to prefer, to love yourself or to accept the love of a partner, if the third is not given?

If they love you

Agree, it's so nice when you are loved! Carry on hands, give gifts, forgive all whims, remain faithful. And they don't demand anything in return.

It would seem that with such a person you can go down the aisle in order to continue enjoying all the delights of a comfortable life. Such a relationship has its advantages, but over time, the disadvantages also make themselves felt. Living together with someone you don't have serious feelings for can become unbearable. After all, sympathy and gratitude for love will never replace love itself. And it is much more difficult to close our eyes to the shortcomings of a spouse and forgive him minor offenses without love.

Not to love, but to be loved is the choice of the one who approaches life soberly, does not count on much and prefers a tit in her hands to all cranes in the world.

If you love

Love is evil, and marriages are known to be made in heaven. This fully applies to unrequited love. And this wonderful feeling, alas, becomes a source of constant suffering, vain hopes and desperate attempts to forever delete the former chosen one from his life.

However, such love has its advantages. For some, the feeling of love is a priority when choosing a partner. Such ladies would rather love and suffer than not love at all. Their sacrifice is rarely appreciated at its true worth, but few find the strength to resist the feeling that has arisen.

Let's try to combine?

Loving and receiving love in return is, of course, a kind of ideal that is not often found in real life. But you shouldn't consider it unattainable either. Practice shows that a harmonious relationship in a couple will be if the partners love each other approximately to the same degree. Even if he does not serenade her under the balcony, and she does not spend sleepless nights at the window, waiting for him - remember that lofty feelings do not guarantee a lasting union.

No matter how prosaic it sounds, the likelihood of falling in love with each other and creating strong relationships is much higher for those who have a level of education, worldview, habits and lifestyle similar to the prospective partner.

Therefore, if you intend to start a family seriously and for a long time, it is better not to let everything go by itself. Professionals working in a dating agency will select exactly the person who meets your wishes for your future life partner.

This does not yet guarantee mutual love, but creates good prerequisites for its occurrence. And then - everything depends on you.

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To love or be loved - which is better?

What to prefer, to love yourself or to accept the love of a partner, if the third is not given?


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