Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

The growing number of failed marriages in the world shows how important the role of marriage counselors is. Bangladesh is no exception. While some see the work of marriage counselors as a vital and good development in our daily lives, others see this as a flaw. The reason is that it shows that people no longer take their marriages and relationships seriously. To reduce the likelihood of failure in marriage, as well as increase holiness in today's relationships and marriages, you will need to know the reasons to seek marriage counseling.

In our relationships with people, we experience stress and conflict, and a couple’s relationship is no exception to this rule. According to Wilkinson and Finkbeiner, nearly 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in separation or divorce. However, according to their report, there is one divorce in America every 13 seconds.

Fast math gives us the number of divorces 277 per hour, divorces 6,646 per day, divorces 46,523 per week, and divorces 2,419,196 per year. I know that these indicators are alarming, but it would be worse without marriage counselors and therapists who help married people through life's difficulties.

Who is a marriage counselor?

Also called a marriage and family therapist, the marriage counselor is a licensed mental health professional who works with couples to help them improve their relationship. Marriage counselors evaluate relationship problems and suggest strategies for resolving them with the help of psychotherapy (also called “conversational therapy”). He can also help you find out the right bride/groom for you.

What are marriage counseling and marriage media?

Marriage counseling helps couples; married or not; understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. This is a form of psychotherapy that includes helping couples analyze and solve their problems. Also called couples therapy, it gives couples the tools they need to better communicate, discuss disagreements, solve problems, and discuss in a healthier environment. On the other hand, marriage media can help you find out the real soul mate of your life.

Marriage counseling is usually short-term. This means that you only need a few sessions to help you overcome the crisis. On the other hand, if your relationship has deteriorated significantly, you may need a marriage consultation for several months. As with individual psychotherapy, you will visit a marriage counselor once a week.

When is a marriage consultation needed?

Since all couples experience tension or conflict at some point in their relationship, many people do not know when they should seek advice on marriage or couples. However, according to most marriage counselors, it’s best to seek counseling when you are unhappy with a relationship.

  • The following are some of the reasons couples seek marriage counseling:
  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Financial difficulties
  • Problems of anger
  • Infidelity
  • Basic life adjustments
  • Frequent conflict or high stress
  • Contradictory ideas about raising children in the struggle for power
  • Communication problems
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Sexual dissatisfaction

What are the qualities of a marriage counselor?

Working with adults whose personal lives are in distress can be difficult or troubling. Therefore, it is expected that any marriage consultant will have the following qualities:

  • Compassion
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Sociability
  • Organization skills


Marriage and family counselors often work with people who are faced with stressful and difficult situations. Therefore, they show sympathy and sympathy for their customers.

Listening skills:

As a marriage consultant, you must pay all the attention to clients to understand their problems, values ​​, and goals.

Communication skills:

You must be able to communicate effectively with customers. You should be able to express information so that customers can easily understand.


As a marriage consultant, you will meet and work with different types of people with different backgrounds and backgrounds. Since you will spend most of your time working directly with clients and other professionals, you need to maintain a good relationship.

Organization skills:

Not all marriage and family therapists are in private practice. However, those who own their own offices must keep track of payments and work with insurance companies.

What are the roles of marriage and family counselors or therapists?

Basically, marriage counselors and therapists help people deal with problems in their homes, and also offer solutions to overcome these problems. However, according to the BLS below are some of the responsibilities of these professionals:

  • Encourage customers to talk about their emotions and experiences.
  • Help clients manage their reactions as well as to adapt to complex changes in their lives, such as divorce and layoffs.
  • The leadership of clients in the process of making decisions about their future.
  • Help clients develop strategies and skills to change their behavior and deal with difficult situations.
  • Refer clients to other community resources or services, such as support groups or inpatient treatment centers.
  • Fill and store confidential files and required entries

Are marriage counselors the same as family and marriage therapists?

Although used interchangeably, they are not necessary. Basically, marriage counselors will only work with couples. Alternatively, family doctors can also work with the children involved. However, some therapists continue to work only with married couples.

Does marriage counseling work?

According to studies conducted by the American Association of Therapists on Marriage and Family, families and couples who attended family or couple therapy sessions indicate a high level of patient satisfaction.

However, when people ask if marriage counseling works, they really want to know if marriage counseling can save their marriage. Unfortunately, this is not always the right question, as some marriages actually end in divorce after consultation.

This is because, in some cases, marriage counseling works by convincing the couple that they do not have a healthy relationship and also giving them the support they need to end their relationship.

What problems do marriage counselors solve?

Some of the issues that marriage and family counselors and therapists resolve include, but are not limited to:

  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Violence in family
  • barrenness
  • Child and adolescent behavioral problems
  • Grieving
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Family conflicts
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

What are some specialties of a marriage consultant?

Marriage counselors can focus on specific couples, such as newlyweds or homosexual spouses. In addition, many religious schools offer marriage counseling degrees with a focus on faith. Some couples prefer such consultants.


As marriages grow and individual differences exist, the place of marriage counselors cannot be overlooked. Although in Bangladesh, marriage counseling is not yet established as a profession, you will find some of them in Dhaka City. Golam Faruk Maula Vai of Bandhan Marriage Media can help you in this sector.

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